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Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the service you’ve given us. We purchase one of the “deals” late this winter, a tad hesitant since we did the same thing last year with another company. Well, I just want to tell you how pleased we are with your service. We appreciated how well and thoroughly you clean off our walks and driveway after each application, that’s huge to us. Thank you so much for your service, we will definitely be signing up again next year.
An extremely happy customer


We moved into Canterberry Crossing in October of 2007 and began our own fertilizing and weed control.  After a few months, the grass was not doing well with weeds and was not a healthy green.  We asked Travis Lamke from Lamke Lawns if he could improve the lawn and get rid of the weeds.  We were one of the first houses in this area and had weeds on the west, north and east.  In a short time, Travis had eliminated the weeds and the grass looked great.  We have similar philosophies that all you need to do for a great lawn is to water, mow, and fertilize.  No need to aerate or dethatch.  We have never had a better looking lawn in all the 42 years that we have owned house.  Give Travis your lawn and you will have the best lawn ever.

– D. Peterson


Lamke Lawns has been treating my grass since I moved into my home 5 years ago. I have hands down had the best looking lawn in my neighborhood every year. All I do is just follow Lamke Lawns simple directions on watering and mowing. If you come to my house it’s easy to see how lush and thick my yard is. Take your shoes and socks off, and then walk from my driveway into the yard with your eyes closed. You can tell as soon as you hit my neighbor’s yard. You can really feel the difference in the grass that much. And my neighbor pays a national well known chain. I can’t recommend Lamke Lawns enough. You may find a cheaper company. But I can tell you from personal experience, you get what you pay for. Travis doesn’t use inferior products, and he treats my yard like it’s his own. In this day and age of cut corner cookie cutter businesses trying to pinch every penny, Lamke Lawns eclipses ever Lawn Care Company I’ve ever used. Travis cares about his work, he cares about his products and he cares about my lawn. If you follow his easy instructions you can have the best lawn in your neighborhood.

– D. Stewart


       You are doing a great job!  The improvement is great.

             – B. Ackerman