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Miscellaneous commonly found within lawns here in the Eastern Nebraska Region.

Vole Damage

Vole Damage is often mistaken for mole damage. A key difference in the two is that where mole damage is the pushing up of dirt into mounds along the surface, vole damage is primarily found in the thatch layer and … Read more


Mushrooms sometimes called toadstools are the reproductive (fruiting) structures of some kinds of fungi. Most fungi in lawns are beneficial because they decompose organic matter, thereby releasing nutrients that are then available for plant growth. Mushrooms found in lawns often … Read more

Mower Scorch

Mower Scorch is a condition that occurs when heat and drought conditions are present on a lawn that is ridden on by heavy equipment. Once the turf receives moisture, areas that were not traversed by the machines will green up … Read more

Mole Damage

Mole Damage is becoming a more prevalent problem in our area today. Moles are carnivores and prefer mostly insects, grubs, centipedes, spiders, and earthworms they find in the soil. A sign of mole activity shows itself as a discharged mounded … Read more

Drought Stress

Drought Stress is a condition that usually occurs during the summer months when periods of high heat and reduced water-fall take their toll on turf grass. Initially it usually begins along edges of driveways and sidewalks where the combination of … Read more