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Weeds commonly found in lawns here in the Eastern Nebraska.

White Clover

A broad leaf perennial that has white flowers from spring to fall. It is a more difficult weed to control because it takes several applications of weed control to effectively remove it without damaging the surrounding turfgrass.… Read more


Violets are a winter perennial, growing 2 – 5 inches tall. They can have a taproot or a fibrous root system, making them one of the hardest weeds to control. The leaves can vary but usually are heart shaped with … Read more


This pesky weed comes in several different varieties. Most are biennials (meaning the weed cycle will last for two years). The root is a fleshly taproot the first year and a fibrous root system forms the second year, continuing the … Read more


Plantain weeds are very noticeable once they establish themselves within a lawn. They produce rosettes of leathery and prominently-ribbed leaves that stand out amongst normal turfgrass. Plantains can be nuisance throughout the entire summer.… Read more


A weed that closely resembles grass and is often mistaken for a wild grass. It appears in early summer and quickly takes on a pale green appearance. It is easily recognized because it grows faster than the surrounding turf. Closer … Read more


The most common Broad leaf weed. These are best treated during an active growing cycle. Dandelions have long taproots, which readily regenerate new plants when cut or damaged. The most effective treatment is to treat with a selective weed killer … Read more

Creeping Charlie, Ground Ivy

Ground ivy, also known as Creeping Charlie, is hard to control and spreads quickly because you can’t pull it out easily in lawns. Ground ivy spreads via creeping stems that propagate new plants. As with clover, it takes several applications … Read more

Black Medic

Is normally a summer annual, but can act as a perennial in some conditions. It has a taproot, spreads low to the ground and is more active on soils low in nitrogen fertility. The leaf is similar to clover and … Read more