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Weedy Grasses

Weedy Grasses commonly found within lawns here in the Eastern Nebraska region

Tall Fescue

Another undesirable grass that can infiltrate a bluegrass lawn and cause unsightly clusters of turfgrass. Tall fescue also called clumping fescue is a cool-season grass that is well adapted to sunny or partially shady areas. It tolerates warm summer temperatures … Read more


Quackgrass is an undesirable, cool season, perennial grass that reproduces by seed or underground rhizomes and can reach 3 1/2′ high. It can appear in new as well as older established lawns. Most times it simply blends together with the … Read more


Crabgrass is a warm season annual grass which grows best in the heat of midsummer when desirable lawn grasses are often semi-dormant and offer little or no competition. Crabgrass overwinters as seed, comes up about mid-May or later, and is … Read more

Barnyard Grass

Barnyard Grass is an annual grass (meaning it has a one year life cycle), which is primarily grown as a cereal or fodder crop. It is a broadleaf grass that often resembles crabgrass. In recent years it has found its … Read more