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LAWN FERTILIZING PROGRAMS………“That Produce Lush Green Result”


“Controlled Release Fertilizer Program”

Take advantage of our Controlled Release lawn fertilizing program, with a “Greener” fertilizing process.

Controlled Release Fertilizer is smarter than the rest.

With controlled release polymer coated technology, it delivers a more uniformed release of nutrients for a period of up to 120 days.

  • Uses less fertilizer
  • Lower environmental impact
  • One treatment feeds lawn for up to 4 months
  • Can create less stress for your lawn
  • More even growth
  • Less chance of fungus
  • Used in the golf course industry
Lawn Program Applications:
  • Step 1: Granular application of pre-emergent plus fertilizer (last up to 90 days/3 months)
  • Step 2: Spray lawn for weeds (gets even the smallest weeds)
  • Step 3: Granular application grub control plus fertilizer (last up to 120 days/4 months)
  • Step 4: Spray any weeds and check yard for any problems
  • Step 5: Spray lawn for weeds (gets even the smallest weeds)
  • Step 6: Granular winterizer (helps strengthen roots for strong spring green up)

More environmentally friendly

The advanced polymer coating gradually distributes nutrients directly to the turf, which minimizes potential losses to the environment, atmosphere,

and groundwater.

Extended release

Because the nutrient released depends on temperature, it is not affected by excessive rainfall or irrigation, which makes it great for lawn fertilizing

process. There is less need to worry about growth spurts or nitrogen runoff from excessive moisture. By using this controlled release process for lawn

fertilization, you ensure nutrients are delivered directly to the turfs roots, for improved feeding and less threat of nitrogen run off.


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